Our Team

We couldn’t have done this project without a fantastic team.

Pegman Games, LLC team:

team_sifuSifu Sean Kelly –
Partner directing all production and manufacturing. 30 years as owner, general manager, sales and marketing director or personnel manager of manufacturing and production facilities in the communications industry.
team_kellyKelly Coston –
Producer. Made this whole thing happen. Kelly is the talented visual and computer magician managing all aspects of digital presentation and graphics imagery.


Pegman’s Friends:

Robb Wolfson –
Company secret weapon–dispatched for special missions as needed, from marketing, to patent writing, to charismatically convincing potential customers, to spying on potential allies and rivals.
team_chloeChloe Wolfson –
Family ambassador and official child model (think young Elizabeth Taylor). Empowers children by consistently beating adults up to 12 times her age.
team_tim2Tim Adams
Timato Productions

Master videographer and the director for all video aspects of this campaign.
Valued project consultant and a great human!
team_nieneNiene Pugliano –
Accomplished actress and on screen personality for Tao of Peg productions.
team_brandon2Brandon Coston –
Information technology genius. Major consultant on all aspects computer and technology related. Brandon will create the artificial intelligence aspect of the digital edition.


The Man Himself:

team_pegmanPegman –
Bad-ass. Pegman shares his experience as a world-traveler and martial arts master. Also channels Bruce Lee.

We also wanted to extend an enormous thank you to our crowd funding backers. A full list of backers may be found here: Credits.