Digital Edition

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We are currently in production for the digital edition of Tao of Peg. At this time, we do not have a beta testing schedule, but as we get closer to release, we will need help testing.



Single or Multi-player

PegmanChoose between playing against a variety of AI difficulty levels in Single Player mode:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult
  • Insane!

Or, play with friends! This edition will support up to four players per game in Multi Player mode.



ue_logoThe digital edition of Tao of Peg is currently in production and we are excited to announce the use of the Unreal 4 engine for production.

Using Unreal will allow us to create this game using beautiful imagery and animations, as well as give us the ability to export the final game to a variety of platforms. Ideally, when we’re ready, we will have this edition available on mobile devices, computers, as well as a playable version embedded right here on our website.



Work in progress shot of the digital edition
Work in progress shot inside the game engine.

This edition of Tao of Peg will feature a shop where players can purchase:

  • New peg colors
  • Different board and card designs
  • Various woods for the board
  • Add your own picture to the back of the cards
  • Specialized game winning animations
  • and more!